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Sisal Back Scrubber

Sisal Back Scrubber

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This back scrubber has a rough exfoliating surface made from Sisal. Sisal ia cactus of Algae family which comes with many health benefits, the natural texture of the vegetable fibers will gently exfoliate away roughness by revealing newer skin cells. Comes with linen belt on each side to have a good grip while scrubbing your back. The belt is specially designed for those who are not able to clean their back due to reach.


  • The Loofah massages and cleanses the skin from impurities by removing dead skin cells, leaving you with fresher, brighter skin.
  • Comes with a pouch to carry soap or shower gel, to use it as scrubbing sponge.
  • The two sided linen rope handle makes it easy to reach those hard to reach spots on the back to rub and soften skin.
  • The scrubber can be hanged post usage though the ropes, which helps it to dry quickly and prevents from getting dirty.


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