About Us

Rustic Rituals creates beauty, self-care and lifestyle products that fit right into today's mindful, wellness-oriented way of living.

In the beauty category we have an extensive well thought of range from aloevera based body & hair gels, exceptional makeup brushes to crystal face rollers to a variety of wooden bath brushes & lava pumice stones. Our products are not only effective but also mindful- derived from nature, cruelty free and planet friendly.

We also have a natural bathroom range of wicker baskets, bamboo/ grass towel hangers and magazine stands. This range is  handmade with natural bamboo, grass and wicker from beautiful valleys- soaked in sunshine, strengthened with water, woven with love, one piece at a time.

Our range of coconut shell bowls and serving spoons along with health benefits recycles naturally found material to lower negative environmental impact.

Overall, our mindful business approach also celebrates natural richness of India, its talent and its traditionally natural craft. 
We promote local small manufacturers from different remote parts of India, bringing their craft and natural produce to the fore.

While our coconut products range is sourced and manufactured by a group of incredible craftsmen from South, wicker range comes all the way from North and bath brush britles and bamboo range from the magnificent east.