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Rustic rituals

Nail Brush with Pumice Stone

Nail Brush with Pumice Stone

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Nail Brush with Pumice Stone for Pedicure and Manicure for Women & Men. Pumice stone at one side and nail cleaning brush at the other side. The brush side can be used in both dry and wet conditions, it cleanses the nails and exfoliate the skin. The Pumice stone side removes callus and dead skin. Together the comination of Pumice and Brush makes it a perfect Manicure and Pedicure Tool.



The combination of pumice stone & bristle brush is just what you need for your feet and hands care.
  • Pumice stone offers a natural way to soften and remove dry-hard dead skin and callus.
  • The bristle side brush away dirt on and under the nails and makes then clean.
  • Comes with a wooden handle and cotton strap for easy access and shower hangup.

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